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This free ladder safety training is a tool for the proper selection, care and safe use of all ladders, including stepladders, single and extension ladders, articulated ladders, and mobile ladders. Provided by the American Ladder Institute, this training outlines safe ladder practices in all applications, such as construction/painting, building and custodial services, warehousing, power, manufacturing, chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, and at home.

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National Ladder Safety Month

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Please share your experience using the training modules. We are interested in your industry and work environment, how you conducted the training, and how you've instituted changes. What would you like to see improved and added. Your feedback will help ALI improve the quality and user-friendliness of the modules in the future. Submit your suggestions using the "Contact Us" link. Thank you and be safe!

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Additional Safety Resources

In addition to this website, the American Ladder Institute also has these additional resources available:

View written ladder safety information.

Click here to Order copies of the online training on DVD.

Click here to view or order ladder standards.

Ladder Safety Leaders

Check out some of this week’s top scoring ladder safety users:

  • 100
    Marcelo Coronacion
    Articulated Ladder Safety
    2/7/2023 6:19:05 AM - GSCS
  • 100
    Anthony Leite
    Stepladder Safety
    2/7/2023 5:35:14 AM - Bay Path RVTH
  • 90
    Robin Rowland
    Articulated Ladder Safety
    2/7/2023 5:56:55 AM - Jenco, Inc.
  • 95
    Tom Vrabel
    Stepladder Safety
    2/7/2023 4:02:03 AM - Huntsman Building Solutions
  • 100
    Jun Doctora
    Mobile Ladder Safety
    2/7/2023 6:55:58 AM - Greater Saskatoon Catholic School
  • 92
    Peter Simpier
    Mobile Ladder Safety
    2/7/2023 3:39:06 AM - D.O.D
  • 96
    Tom Vrabel
    Mobile Ladder Safety
    2/7/2023 3:29:58 AM - Huntsman Building Solutions
  • 100
    chloe miller
    Articulated Ladder Safety
    2/7/2023 4:23:21 AM - hoss's

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The following comments were provided by users of this site:

Should allow rewind feature, some info comes quickly and a short rewind would be helpful to listen to sections a second time

Scott Neff - student - Catastrophe Career Specialties LLC

Walk-through design with horizontal grab bars will improve safety on extension ladders properly installed but was not accepted at recent A14/A14.8 meeting

Nigel Ellis - President - EFSS

Excellent reminders for those of us who use step ladders all of the time.

Kristen Day - Environmental Analyst III - State of CT, Department of Public Health

excellent presentation, will recommend

Lincoln Hunt - Lead Safety Coordinator - Wanzek Construction

Excellent course!

M Martin - student - student